Charcoal, BioChar, Firewood & Smoker chips

TESP produces Charcoal, Biochar, firewood and smoker chips from sustainably sourced wood that is produced from its woodland management activities.


At TESP we use an 8-foot steel ring kiln to make our charcoal.
6 cubic metres of good quality hardwood is used to fill the kiln. Once filled we light it and the burn process begins.

After 11-13 hours the reduced oxygen conditions, in the kiln, converts the wood into charcoal.
Once the burn is complete the kiln is left to cool for 48 hours. At this point we dig out the charcoal and grade it over a 1-inch square mesh screen, this ensures you don’t get a bag of dust and little bits.

The bags are all filled by hand ensuring any ‘brown ends’ (that’s wood that has not been fully converted to charcoal) are removed and put to one side ready to go into the kiln on the next burn.  

This charcoal is very different from the mass-produced stuff in the shops. It is completely natural with no additives. It’s easy to light, simply use some scrunched up newspaper, and it burns nice and hot. You don’t need a lot on your BBQ to cook your tea. 😉

We sell our charcoal at the our site gate in LLansannan, and in the local Village shops in both LLansannan and LLangernyw.
We can also supply charcoal in the Wirral area, just drop us a message to arrange collection with Kelly.

The bags are filled by volume but as a guideline the Medium bags are around 2Kg and the Large bags 4Kg.
Medium bags are £7 per bag
Large bags are £14 per bag


Biochar is charcoal ‘fines’ that are graded out when we produce and sort our charcoal.
It is an excellent soil improver, it can increase soil fertility of acidic soils and increase plant productivity. Biochar can also provide protection against some foliar and soil-borne diseases.

We can supply Biochar un-activated, as it comes out of the kiln, so you can choose to activate it to suit your own needs.
Bag sizes and prices on application. Drop us an email.  


We supply seasoned bulk firewood in conjunction with Elwy Working Woods. The woods at Elwy are fairly young so require periodic thinning. The woodland is managed using sustainable practices keeping it healthy, safe and a most of all a great environment for local wildlife.   

Bagged seasoned firewood is derived from TESP’s own contract woodland management activities. We bag it and sell it at our site gate in LLansannan.

Bulk firewood £90 per cubic metre (free local delivery)
Bagged firewood £6 per bag.

Smoker Chips

The TESP workshop makes bespoke Oak furniture. Some of the processes involved creates chips that are perfect for your smoker. It doesn’t get more sustainable than that!

We will publish prices on this product soon, meanwhile email if you would like to know what quantities we can supply these in.